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Jul 10, 2014 · Precision Wirewound Resistors in Axial and Radial packages Riedon's lower-cost alternative to foil resistors Riedon’s precision resistors are designed for critical applications that require very accurate and stable resistance values.

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Precision wirewound power resistor (KNP-R) meeting MIL-R-26E (U and V characteristics) and surface temperature (hot spot) 375°C max. KNP-R with a wide range of 0.01Ω ~ 82kΩ, covering applications from precision to power.

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Shop online for the Cadence™ Inline Concentrator, which uses single-pass TFF and can be implemented into a process system or operated as a stand alone unit. Cadence™ Inline Concentrator - Continuous Processing | Pall Shop

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The BAS precision resistor series from Isabellenhütte, designed for battery management systems or welding equipment with a low resistance values from 0.000035Ω to 0.0005Ω. The BAS series from Isabellenhütte is available with tinned or untinned terminals,

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RF Attenuators Over 400 coaxial, surface mount, and MMIC attenuator models for 50-Ohm & 75-Ohm system including fixed attenuators, high-power attenuators, digital step / programmable attenuators, voltage variable attenuators and more!

10kΩ Precision-Matched Resistor-Divider in SOT23

The MAX5492 precision resistor-divider consists of two accurately matched resistors with access to the ends and center of the divider. This device offers excellent resistance matching of 0.035% (A grade), 0.05% (B grade), and 0.1% (C grade). The MAX5492 i


A common element in electronic devices is a three-terminal resistor with a continuously adjustable tapping point controlled by rotation of a shaft or knob. These variable resistors are known as potentiometers when all three terminals are present, since th

Lecture 7: IC Resistors and Capacitors

Department of EECS University of California, Berkeley EECS 105Fall 2003, Lecture 7 Prof. A. Niknejad. Thermal Equilibrium. Rapid, random motion of holes and electrons at “thermal velocity” vth = 107 cm/s with collisions every τc = 10-13s. Apply an electri

Vishay Release Thin Film Resistor Networks and Precision

Passive component manufacturer Vishay Intertechnology Inc. (Malvern, PA) is offering new surface-mount thin film resistor networks and precision matched-pair resistors. The three series of thin film resistor networks combine up to 23 resistors in a single

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(1) Rated Continuous Working Voltage (RCWV) shall be de ter mined from RCWV=√Power Rating × Re sis tance Values, or Limiting Element Voltage list ed above, whichever less. (2) Overload Test Voltage (OTV) shall be determined from OTV=Specified Magnificatio

Current Shunt Resistors -

Current Shunt Resistors. A current shunt whose resistance is 0.001 Ohms having a current of 50 Amps flowing through it will produce a voltage of 0.001 ×50 = 0.05 Volts or 50 mV (milliVolts). So by inserting a current shunt into a circuit whose current yo

Precision-Matched Resistor-Divider in SOT23

General Description. The MAX5491 precision resistor-divider consists of two accurately matched resistors with access to the ends and center of the divider. This device offers excellent resistance matching of 0.035% (A grade), 0.05% (B grade), and 0.1% (C

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The feedback resistor is a 22K stereo potentiometer (R8) which is used to enable the output level to be matched to the sensitivity of the unit to which the mixer is connected. In other words, R8 acts as the master-level adjuster.

Precision Thin Film Resistors in Chip Scale Format

Precision Thin Film Resistors in Chip Scale Format Source: California Micro Devices The FCRN303 series SMD resistor chips are drop-in replacements to traditional 0805 chips, such as the PTN Series thin film resistors from Vishay


If you are using a resistor, which you did not get from VITROHM, there is only one likely explanation: You did not know that VITROHM can supply it. If the product required is not shown in this guide, we may have a customized product

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This circuit is under:, audio, mixers, Precision Full Wave Rectifier l14231 Using two op amps, this circuit produces a full-wave rectified version of the input signal. Op amp IC1 invert

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Metal Film Precision Resistor Continuous Pulse The continuous load graph was obtained by applying repetitive rectangular pulses where the pulse period was adjusted so that the average power dissipated in the resistor was equal to its rated power at 70°C.

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High Current Applications and Energy Measurement. Precision resistor, eg. for battery management systems or welding equipment. Precision resistor for kWh meters and battery charger. Power connection via threaded bolts. Precision resistor for kWh meters a

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continuous mixers precision resistor. home / concrete mixers / continuous mixers. the mao/c continuous mixer is manual control panel which can operate the mixer in manual mode with the. votator mixer | products & suppliers | find votator mixer related sup

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If you want better simulation, change the resistor to 600 ohm and increase the power supply voltage. Simple Line Mixer - I designed this circuit for one friend of mine to be used as a small portable DJ mixer. The circuit is an audio mixer circuit so simpl